Lady Gaga, Stop Bullying the American Family!

By | November 27, 2016

During the last week of September 2011, Lady Gaga apparently ran to Big Brother’s current facade, President Barack Obama, crying her beautiful face off and begging the President to push through a plan to put a stop to bullying.[1]

The White House has already been waging what it calls a campaign against bullying just like political correctness police want to stop what they call hate speech. Such laws should more accurately be called Ninnying Laws where spineless weaklings can run to the police state and ask them to infringe on the first amendment and break their oath to the constitution and place the person who opened his mouth in jail.

The police who in the past century have turned from local good and bad guys to a paramilitary fascist occupation force are more than willing to oblige in most cases as more and more of them are found to be sadistic control freaks who hate the constitution and the future of their own country and offspring. All these laws amount to nothing more than trying to keep the American people at the level of a child who is not mentally developed enough to defend himself in face of some speech or bullying and has to run to ask Big Brother, who cares oh so much about us, to come and do what it does best: punish the people for trumped up anti-constitutional charges.

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What has to be kept in mind is that the United State of America is the land of the bully and home of the slave. It has now been for a long, long time. How can you stop bullying in a country where everything from cradle to grave is forced upon you by bullying? Land of the free? Well not unless we are willing to seriously tweak the definition of the word freedom or free.  (Incidentally a word that soon could become obsolete and go the way of words like ‘dulocracy’ or ‘Eadness,’ as the government tries to dictate every aspect of our lives. Incidentally, do you know what these words mean? Well, your children could be just as befuddled by the word Freedom, or Free. But the upside will be that we can go back to calling Freedom-Fries French Fries again.)

America is a country where you are bullied from the moment you are born to the moment they put you down to grave. The events of the last few years have more than attested to how parents are being bullied by schools and the State to forcefully give their children harmful and dangerous vaccines.[2] In fact most vaccines do contain toxic poisons such as mercury.[3]  America is a country where the police are the biggest bullies themselves and the government, even the presidents, have been in open support of such behavior. Every time a policeman breaks his oath to the constitution and forces his own will and feelings of inadequacies on others, a bullying has occurred. The examples are too numerous for this article. You don’t even have to do an online search. Just walk on the streets of any big city and watch for yourself, this phenomenon which is not only contained within the larger cities either.

America is a country where the problem with bullying is not one caused by the citizenry, as these unconstitutional ‘laws’ try to imply through enforcement of bullying powers of the police state which the USSA (United Soviet States of America) has become. Rather the bullying is engrained in the fabric of the government and does not flow from bottom up but from top down. It is enshrined. You want to see bullying? Just take a flight inside the United States and have a pleasant trip with the blessings of the Transportations and Security Administration’s dirty hands down your pants and up your you know what, or a nice unhealthy dose of radiation with a couple of dirty looks to top it off. Scientific bullying? Techno-bullying? Does Obama have a plan to stop these kinds of bullying too? Oh sorry, I forgot. He’s the one ordering them for his bankster bosses. So “that don’t count” buster or you’re the next one being bullied too if you keep up that kind of reasoning!

How about the bullying by the police state Customs and Border Protection of tourists who have stopped coming to the US in droves since that inside job 9/11 was perpetrated on the American people, just because they don’t want to be bullied at the gates to the home of the brave. Home of the brave? Being bullied and being brave don’t go hand in hand last time I checked. I have still not talked to one person out of hundreds who have travelled to my beloved country and have not complained to me of the bullying they had been put through at the airport or when travelling by land, at the hand of the police state mechanism. And no, they weren’t all the stereotype dark skinned ‘could be terrorists’ either. Many of them are northern and western Europeans. The bullying police state after all was not built for the brown man alone. In this regard, the New World Order is truly fair-minded.

There are many examples of bullying and being bullied in and by the U.S.  and I am sure many of you have your own to add. So much so that we could without being inaccurate or politically incorrect and insensitive to our so called liberal brothers call our dead republic the UBBSSA, or the United Bullied and Bullying Soviet States of America. Bullying by the establishment in America is not limited to a certain space and does not stop at any one level. Even the highest rungs of power are not immune to this bullying. It is a culture of bullying and it could never be a culture if it wasn’t so widespread and embedded in the fabric of society. So countries like those in the Middle East or Africa don’t feel so downtrodden. Big bad daddy America is not picking you out to be bullied. That’s just the name of the game these days. Feel better. Feel good. You are part of the club! You are on par with the American people at last. Or would it be more accurate to say that the American people are finally on par with you? The essence of the New World Order: No one nation (i.e. peoples) above another; as Obama promised the world at his Berlin speech. One promise that is being kept. Finally!

So even though bullying is found at the upper echelons of power, it is almost always in one direction. From the top down: power to power-less. That is the essence of bullying after all, isn’t it? For example, the President can be bullied for sure, but not by a Congressman. He can be bullied by the whole of the Congress, as Clinton or Nixon were, or he can be bullied by the Fed or his other bankster bosses. In the near future as the power center tries to shift to the UN, just watch and see how the ‘President’ will start being bullied by the UN and the globalist forces who are groomed to be the Masters of the Universe and put He-man to shame. Of course it will all be staged. So don’t cry your little eyes dry for poor little President. His feelings will remain intact. Surely whoever he will be, he will be a worthy actor for the scene and he’d be more than professional enough to take the ridicule. Speaking of ridicule: was it just ridiculous when Dick Cheney said as Vice-President that if we the people tried to re-open investigation into that inside job 9/11 that nuclear bombs will be going off? Or was that just bullying? So many instances that some start to confuse from time to time.

Though this one shouldn’t be so confusing for us. Even those of us who’ve consumed too much GMO or like to think that the FDA does not operate on the assumption that every day is April Fools’ Day. Remember when the Feds back in 2008 threatened the Congress with martial law if they were not immediately bailed out (i.e. to explain more clearly: the gangsters who took the loot asked for more loot or they would put their goons on the streets and end the free republic.[4] Two questions arise: Who runs this supposed country anyways? A private group of international banksters and financiers who call themselves the Fed (maybe we should start calling ourselves that from now on. Apparently this word has magical powers) feels itself rightful enough to end the republic! Secondly, is this not bullying? (does Obama have a bill in the making to combat these bullies? Didn’t think so). We don’t know what the exact number of dollars is which has been plundered by the banking looters since 2008, but it reaches into the trillions, if not tens of trillions.[5] Is that a lot of money? Is it worth a good bullying? So maybe there is some incentive in bullying after all? Does our beloved Vestal Virgin from self-declared Gagaland know about this? Does she shed a tear for all the unborn children who will be enslaved due to this one little bullying by the dear old Fed? Maybe someone should Tweet her on this one too.

If we want to look for bullying we don’t have to go after some kid in a schoolyard who’s been shot up with so many vaccines he doesn’t know which way is up. In fact that is the biggest kind of bullying. To have the big bad wolf government go after not-yet-adult-age children with the policing forces of the police-state-tentacle-Department-of-Education and its UNESCO bosses. Look at the bullying America is meting out to the world. All nations great and small. The poor and the rich alike. Do you ever wonder: would the US dollar be still the world reserve currency if not for the bullying powers of the greatest military in known world history? Would it still be spreading its inflationary time-bomb and powers of global starvation at the bottom rings of the human food-chain if those holding so much of this toxic asset in the highest echelons of the Chinese, Japanese and Persian Gulf Petro Sheikdoms were not bullied into the understanding that if they tried to get rid of it all the loss of value would crush them under its weight? What about all the tin-pot dictators who’ve challenged the supremacy of the dollar by wanting to price their commodities in other currencies and within months or short years found their legacy in the litterbin of history? That is also a disincentive to the rest: Third party bullying perhaps? Still the same effect.

Lady Gaga should shed a tear for the destruction of the greatest republic in history of mankind and the horrific implications of that tragedy yet to be seen over the horizon. We all shed tears for Jamey Rodemeyer who tragically took his own life. A suicide is always tragic, let alone that of a young person’s, but no one bully is the cause of anyone’s suicide. Except for one bully and that is the Big Brother bullying system which has taken hope away from a world whose many chances of liberation and plenty were thwarted by its New World Order bosses sitting behind ivory towers protected by the power of fiat money walls. Although I do not claim to be a psychiatrist or psychologist, it is clear that nothing is based on just one reason. To remove all the underlying causes of the sickness of American society into a white background where we can conveniently accuse and punish a ‘bully’ amongst our own children is just another abandonment of responsibility in a long line of those given up by ‘progressive’ American families through the decades. The only thing the American family is progressing towards is its demise by its own hands.

Every time we as American parents give up power to these establishment types, we are making ourselves and the American family irrelevant. The history-long normal school fights of our children are no business of the Lady Gaga’s. She should instead take a look in the mirror and stop corrupting our youth or one day the wrath of we the people will be directed towards her and her kind. It is about time we told the Lady Gaga’s of this corrupt elite class to keep their hands, images, dirty thoughts and evil plans directed towards their own sick souls and stop parenting our children with their Pied Piper’s plan of doom. Lady Gaga herself represents one of the greatest bullying systems in the world and lives lavishly off their bullying while refusing to highlight the plight of their victims who so far number in the hundreds of millions.

She represents the multinational corporations who have time and again shown to be the instruments of corruption, economic enslavement, environmental destruction and tyranny in this world they so despise and constantly try to change for the worst. Therefore Lady Gaga and her class have lost any legitimacy to be listened to on the subject of bullying. It is time American parents stood up for their duties and told the Lady Gaga’s of the globe, “hands and minds off our children,” before the family, and they themselves, become obsolete in America.

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