Best Bitcoin Wallet Political Challenges

Bitcoin faces socioeconomic problems in today’s society. People are still unsure what the best bitcoin wallet will look like in five to ten years time. Governments across the world have differing opinions on a global decentralized currency. Many individuals in positions of power want to keep Bitcoin down, so that they can maintain their power.… Read More »

Ethereum Wallet sees Global Adoption

Globalization has united nations across the world. Ethereum wallet is here to help the world become an increasingly connected place. We’ve seen isolationist policies in countries before, and Trump claims to be moving in that direction. However, globalization is inevitable. Free trade across the world is increasing. It has become a necessity for countries across the… Read More »

Hollywood & Cinema in the New World Order

There is a long list of films whose subject matter dabbles in various degree on the topics of liberty, tyranny and the (at this rate) coming world government. A short list can be found over at Alt-Market by prolific commentator Brandon Smith (Giordano Bruno of the now defunct Neithercorp Press). One key issue to mention… Read More »

Lady Gaga, Stop Bullying the American Family!

During the last week of September 2011, Lady Gaga apparently ran to Big Brother’s current facade, President Barack Obama, crying her beautiful face off and begging the President to push through a plan to put a stop to bullying.[1] The White House has already been waging what it calls a campaign against bullying just like… Read More »